Monday, November 29, 2010


This week Terry and I ran into Ahijo on the road to the hospital.  Ahijo is a Moslem man who registered the Out Patient Department patients when we were here in 2004.  He no longer works at the hospital but I have seen him on a couple occasions the last 4 months.  We had heard that his 4 year old child had recently died so we expressed our condolences to him.  When I asked him what happened he responded, "Incompetence, pure incompetence".  

The child developed fever and he was away from home so he told his family to bring the child to the clinic the next day.  Instead the family took him to a traditional doctor and 2 days later he died.  You could feel and hear the anger in his voice but he quickly settled down and said everything was OK now.  The people here seem to accept bad fortune quickly and then move on with their lives.  

Our prayers this week are with Ahijo and his family.

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