Monday, June 13, 2011


Victory is a 2 year old boy who was admitted last week with boils on his neck.  He unfortunately was found to have HIV.  Dr Tim has drained the boils and he is improving daily.  His parents are not accepting his diagnosis of HIV and want to take him to another hospital to have it confirmed.  We have no problem with a second opinion but are fearful that opinion may come from a traditional doctor and delay or prevent proper HIV treatment.  Hopefully Victory’s parents will accept his diagnosis, we know they want what is best for him.
My blogs will be less frequent the next 5 weeks as Terry and I will leaving to visit family and friends.  Pray for safe travel for us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not Back at Home

Three Generations
Tim and I were seeing an infant in the clinic today who was brought into the exam room by grandma.  When we inquired about the child’s mother we were told she was out in the hall.  Further discussion revealed to us a local custom.  When the first grandchild in a family is conceived the mother-to-be moves back home with her mother.  She then stays at home until the child is born and then stays an additional 2 years.  Mom then moves back home with her husband and grandma then raises the child as her own. 

Tim at Work
We talked later with Sister Xaveria about this and she related that the custom is dying out now that civilization has arrived.  I can not see this custom catching on back at home.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HIV Kids

Today we started 2 children on the Peds Ward on HIV medications.

2 year old Kerena was admitted last week with chronic diarrhea and was severely malnourished. The first few days in the hospital she cried incessantly. After convincing her mother that she needed more food Kerena's crying ceased with the increased food intake. With a full belly it turned out she had a beautiful smile and big dimples.

4 year old Marivon was admitted at the same time with fever, cough and diarrhea. She had both pneumonia and HIV. Her pneumonia has nearly cleared and Marivon can almost tolerate my presence at her bedside now. Both girls will be going home in the next couple of days and should do well with their new medications.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The New and the Old

Dr Ed Malphus left on Thursday.   There has not been a Pediatrician here in years so he was able help the staff in caring for the many Pediatric patients, especially newborns.  His presence will continue to benefit many patients for some time to come.
Ed’s departure was followed by the arrival the next day of Dr Tim Cavanagh.  Tim is a Family Practitioner from Phoenix.  Tim and his wife Sheila spent 3 years at St Theresa’s Hospital in Zimbabwe with MDA.  He spent 3 months in Cameroon last year working in Kumbo.  Tim was most gracious to help here in Njinikom as Terry and I will be headed home to see family and friends in 10 days.  It is reassuring knowing that I will leave my patients here in his good hands.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Jacenta is a 35 year old lady who came in today to refill her HIV medications.  She started on them 7 months ago after complaining of months of recurrent diarrhea.  She now feels perfectly fine and has gained 20 pounds.  Seeing someone as happy as she is inspires us all to continue with the work we are doing.