Monday, June 6, 2011

The New and the Old

Dr Ed Malphus left on Thursday.   There has not been a Pediatrician here in years so he was able help the staff in caring for the many Pediatric patients, especially newborns.  His presence will continue to benefit many patients for some time to come.
Ed’s departure was followed by the arrival the next day of Dr Tim Cavanagh.  Tim is a Family Practitioner from Phoenix.  Tim and his wife Sheila spent 3 years at St Theresa’s Hospital in Zimbabwe with MDA.  He spent 3 months in Cameroon last year working in Kumbo.  Tim was most gracious to help here in Njinikom as Terry and I will be headed home to see family and friends in 10 days.  It is reassuring knowing that I will leave my patients here in his good hands.

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