Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still a Killer

Malaria is part of our lives here.  If a patient has fever there is a good chance that there is malaria.  With few exceptions we treat for Malaria whenever fever is present.  Malaria medications is one thing we have not run out since I have been here.  While people may be very ill with Malaria they almost always respond to treatment and usually are much improved by the next day.
This weekend we had a reminder that Malaria is still a killer.  A 16 year old girl was admitted over the weekend with a fever of 105 and a decreased level of consciousness.  Despite treatment with  our 2 strongest medications she never regained consciousness and died 3 days later.  

The World Health Organization figures still show over 1 million deaths annually from this disease throughout the world.  We are keeping this girl and her family in our prayers this week.

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