Thursday, April 21, 2011

This day I will never forget.

Tuesday Terry, Jim, Rose and I accompanied 15 Sisters and hundreds of parishioners from St Anthony’s to the Chrism Mass in Bamenda.  It was an absolutely amazing experience as thousands of people from the entire diocese celebrated at the Cathedral with the Archbishop and all the priests of the diocese.  We were there an hour early for the 5 hour mass. 

One of the Sisters had told me before mass that I would not even notice the length and she was right.  The enthusiasm was unbelievable and the 500 member plus choir was amazing.  The offertory took over an hour for the people to bring in all the corn, rice, oil, livestock, bananas, plantains and more.  The diocese uses the gifts to feed the poor.  Many people waited hours outside the cathedral to march down the aisle with their contribution.  I was chosen to carry the oil for the blessing of the sick and present it to the Archbishop.  I was honored to join these amazing people of Faith.  As Jim Unger said, “This is a day I will never forget.”

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