Friday, May 13, 2011


Anna and Yannick
Yannick is a 13 year old boy who was admitted 3 weeks ago comatose, with fever and seizures.  His tests revealed that he had cerebral malaria.  His fever and seizures quickly resolved but he remained in a deep coma for several days.  Anna, his mother, remained diligently at his bedside caring for him only the way a mother could.  Gradually Yannick began to wake up. Yannick is far from well but he is now able to feed himself, walk and follow simple commands.  He no longer is on any medications other than vitamins. 

His grandfather came to the hospital today and announced that he was here to take Yannick home.  We have done what we can for Yannick.  His recovery road is going to be a long one, but with a mother like Anna, I am sure he will reach the end of that road.  Keep Yannick and Anna in your prayers.

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