Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is Good

I have returned, to Cameroon that is.  Terry and I had a wonderful month spending time with family and friends.  Terry is spending an additional month back home since her teaching duties do not begin until September.  Dr. Tim Cavanagh and Maria Curlej, CRNP did a wonderful job filling in for me while I was gone.  I know that many of the patients and staff will miss them when they leave.  It would be extremely difficult to do this 3 year Mission without the help provided by all the short term volunteers.

While I was gone I reflected on the last year.  It was a year of many emotions.  There was the anxiety wondering how I would fit into this culture.  There were times of frustration practicing medicine with limited resources.  There were many times of sadness when patients lost their battles with illness.  There were many times of joy as mothers watched their very ill children recover.  There were exciting times as HIV patients regained control of their lives after starting medications.  There is great satisfaction knowing I am here as part of God’s plan.

Life is good.  I look forward to the next year.

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