Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Tertiary Sisters of St Frances operate 6 hospitals in Cameroon and another 30 Health Centers.  The Sisters have decided to provide more support from their Hospitals to nearby Health Centers which are staffed by nurses only.  Today, I traveled to Elemighong Health Center, about 15 miles from Njinikom further up in the mountains.  The clinic is staffed by 2 nurses who provide 24/7 coverage.  They have a 6 bed medical ward and a maternity ward where they average 7 deliveries a month.  The nurses themselves provide a few basic laboratory tests.  They had not had a Doctor visit their clinic in years.  I accompanied Sister Philippe today who conducts regular Prenatal and Vaccination Clinics in Elemighong.

While Sister Philippe saw 16 women in Prenatal Clinic I did medical consultations on a dozen patients.  I saw a 40 year old lady with a bowling ball sized pelvic tumor.  She had consulted 2 years ago about the tumor but had no money for the tests that were ordered so she never followed up.  She agreed to come to the Hospital Monday where Dr Jim Unger will see her and with donor money her needed surgery will be done.  I can not help but think it was Divine Intervention that had me in Elemighong today to arrange for this lady’s care.

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