Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Gift

While at the OPD this afternoon, there was a faint knock on the exam room door.  We opened it to find an old familiar face smiling at us.  It was Emmanuella who literally was our first patient when we arrived in 2010.  35 year old Emmanuella was in the hospital with HIV and Tuberculosis.  Her hospital course was complicated first by a blood clot in her leg and then a pulmonary embolus.  She nearly died only to recover and then sustain a worse insult.  She had a terrible stroke leaving her with complete paralysis of the right arm and leg and unable to speak.  Despite all these terrible things Emmanuella never lost her beautiful smile.  2 years ago at Christmas, we able to secure a wheelchair for her and she was able to go home for Christmas.

She eventually recovered enough to walk with the aid of a cane and can speak a few words.

Spending a few minutes with Emmanuella today was a wonderful Christmas gift for us.  Emmanuella’s determination and positive outlook is inspirational!

Merry Christmas!

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