Monday, February 28, 2011

Neurological Symptoms...

Donatus happy with his Fever Clearing
Last week was a busy week for patients presenting with neurological symptoms.  I therefore did numerous spinal taps.  Between the Men's Ward and Pediatrics I had 3 new Cryptococcal Meningitis patients, 3 Toxoplasmosis Encephalopathy patients and 2 Cerebral Malaria patients.  Most were doing better today.  Unfortunately, we lost a 4 year old with Cerebral Malaria today.
Donatus is a 50 year old who presented with confusion, headache and fever.  He was started on medication for Toxoplasmosis Encephalopathy(parasite infection in the brain) and by the next day his 105 fever cleared as did his confusion.  He and his family are grateful for his rapid recovery.  He unfortunately has HIV so he will be started on medication for that this week.

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