Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Rounds with Nurse Sunday

Prior to our arrival in Njinikom none of the Doctors did routine Sunday rounds.  The medical ward is staffed with only 2 instead of the normal 3 nurses on Sunday.  I caused concern on the Nurse's part when I showed up for Sunday rounds as they were really to busy to spend 2-3 hours with me doing rounds.  Terry was used to helping me with rounds from our prior short term missions so she was rehired as "Nurse Sunday". 
We both enjoy Sunday rounds as there is no line of patients waiting to be seen in the OPD.  Terry's presence seems give a more social aspect to the rounds as she interacts with the families as I tackle the medical concerns.  Since patients can not be discharged from the hospital on Sunday there is a larger than normal number of discharges on Monday, our busiest day of the week in the OPD.  I do all the paper work for the Monday discharges on Sunday which really saves me a lot of time and gets me the OPD much sooner.  A real Win Win. 
Sunday Rounds have also allowed us to share with visitors the impact of HIV on the lives of the people here.  Carol, a volunteer with Medicine for Humanity, joined us for rounds yesterday.

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