Friday, March 4, 2011

The rainy season brings friends and signs of hope...

The rainy season is knocking on the door here.  We got caught at mass last evening without umbrellas and the sky let loose.  During the rainy season you rarely forget to leave home without an umbrella but after 3-4 months of dry season we were unprepared.
Bill and Kate Walsh spent the last 3 days here visiting.  Bill is the Surgeon from Chicago who spent last August with us.  He and his wife Kate were at Shisong, another hospital run by the Franciscan Sisters, the last 2 months.  They left today to visit their daughter and grandchildren in Dublin.  We had an enjoyable visit with them.
Today, Emanuella's father came in to refill her medications.  She is the young lady with HIV and TB  who had a stroke.  You helped provide the wheelchair that enabled her to go home.  She is doing well, speaking a few words and signing more.  She is able to navigate some on her own once she is in her wheelchair.  It is gratifying to get a report like this, especially considering there were many days when it did not look like she would survive.

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