Friday, September 2, 2011


Welcome Back Terry
Terry arrived back from home on Saturday.  We had a nice return trip from Douala on Sunday.  She has been handling the usual jet lag quite well, or at least from my perspective.  She had a staff meeting at school yesterday and her classes begin on Tuesday.  My nurse Germar will be on holiday the next 3 weeks so Terry will be filling in for her when her teaching duties allow during that time.
Today, I was very thankful for the financial support that many of you have given Mission Doctors Association.  It has allowed Terry and I to help many individuals who could not afford the tests to diagnose their medical problems and the medication to treat those same problems.  This morning I had a young mother and her 9 month old child both diagnosed with HIV.  Mom did not have the 6 dollars for the required tests needed before beginning their treatment.  Your donations allowed me to proceed with their tests and treatment.  Likewise I had several other patients in clinic today who received similar help.  We all have a role in helping others.  Thank you for your support.

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