Wednesday, December 21, 2011


10 year old Awanda was admitted 2 weeks ago with Cerebral Malaria.  Terry and I had a 4 day holiday to Oceanside Kribi last week.  When we left Awanda was still in a coma.  The prior 3 days he suffered from recurrent seizures that did not stop until I added a Valium IV drip to his Phenobarbital.  

When we did rounds on Sunday Terry and I anxiously checked to see if Awanda was still on the ward.  He was there and was beginning to wake up.  Over the last 3 days he has improved to the point that he can sit and eat.  He walks with mom’s assistance.  He is trying to talk and a big smile returned to his face today.  Awanda still has a long way to go to get back to his prior self.  Since his Malaria treatment is now completed he is going home today to continue his recuperation.  Home for Christmas!  He will be in our thoughts until his follow up in 2 weeks. 

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