Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 John is a 45 year old man admitted 1 week ago.  He had been admitted to another hospital 1 week earlier with a stroke resulting in complete paralysis of his right arm and leg with almost a total aphasia.  He was extremely wasted so it was not surprising to find that he had HIV.  It was felt his stroke was from Toxoplasmosis and he was started on a second line treatment for it.  After no improvement after 1 week they asked for discharge from that hospital and presented here. 
I was not optimistic we could do much for him since he had shown absolutely no improvement in his paralysis after 1 week.  We fortunately have the combination of medications that are recommended for Toxoplasmosis.  Within a day John was speaking a few words.  By day 2 there was movement in his leg.  Day 3 he was walking with assistance.  Day 4 walking by himself with a cane.  Day 5 movement in his upper arm.
I had the pleasure of discharging John home today with full speech, walking with a cane and showing daily improvement in his arm strength.  I will see him back in 2 weeks and will then return to the Southwest Province to begin his HIV treatment.

Terry and I feel we got to witness a Miracle this Holiday Season.

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