Thursday, April 26, 2012


22 year old Lucy has been working at the Hospital for 1 year.  She registers patients in the OPD and interprets for me whenever the need arises.  She is one of those truly valuable employees who will do whatever is needed of her and with a smile on her face.  Lucy’s sister works in Maternity and her brother-in-law Emanuel is one of the Hospital drivers.
Lucy grew up in Njinikom close to the Hospital compound.  She attended school here and has passed her A(advanced) level which would be equivalent to high school at home.  She plans to resume her studies in the future and complete a 3 year Diploma Nurse course.  She like most Cameroonians has never ventured further than a few hours away from her birthplace.
Music and Dance are her main hobbies.  She sings with the Hospital Choir and is involved with a Traditional Dance group.  Where ever there is a group of younger people gathered at the hospital, Lucy will usually be in their midst.

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  1. I think its great that she is getting some experience before going back to school.