Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jim and Rose

Dr Jim Unger and his wife Rose are our first repeat short-term Mission Doctor couple.  Jim is an OB-GYN from Shreveport, Louisiana and he and Rose were here last April.  They made an even bigger commitment this year returning for 3 months.  They spent April at Padre Pio Hospital in Douala covering for the OB-GYN while he took his yearly holiday.  Padre Pio is a very busy hospital serving the people in the poorest area of Douala which is home to 5 million people.  They average 300 deliveries per month at Padre Pio which kept Jim extremely busy.  He did 8 Caesarian sections in a single 24 hour period.

Rose and Jim at work
Jim and Rose were happy to leave a hot and humid Douala in May and return to Njinikon in the mountains of the NW Province.  Their presence has allowed Dr Dabo (OB-GYN) to take his first holiday in 2 years.  Rose is a trained surgical nurse so she has been working as Jim’s Nurse.  She is enjoying her time back in the OR after being away from it for many years, 
 raising their 3 daughters.  Terry and I have enjoyed renewing our friendship with Jim and Rose.  We have had some spirited card games with them many evenings.
Terry left for her holiday last weekend.  She was anxious to meet our new grandson Andrew back in Washington state.  I will be joining her in a month’s time and until then Rose will watching over the 2 remaining Dr Jims.  It will be nice to have them here for the up coming month.  Their daughter Marcia is finishing her 2nd year of medical school at LSU and will be here for 2 weeks in mid June.  We are all looking forward to her arrival.

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