Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Christina is an 84 year old lady who was brought to the hospital last week by her daughter.  She reported that her mother had been falling frequently the prior 10 days.  The evening before admission she collapsed and was not arousable.  Christina had suffered a stroke and had already developed large pressure sores on her buttocks.  Her family was informed that her prognosis was poor but we would provide supportive care.  After 2 days Christina began to wake up but was very confused and weak.  The last 2 days she gradually had less confusion.  This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find Christina sitting in a chair while the nurses were changing her bed linens.  She asked her Granddaughter to greet me for her as she did not speak English.  I am sure many prayers had been offered for Christina’s recovery by her family and friends the last week.  I am humbled to have witnessed her Miraculous recovery.

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