Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last week 5 year old Lawretta was admitted to the hospital with a 3 day history of fever and headache.  She was in a semi-conscious state on admission and could only moan in obvious pain.  She was diagnosed with Cerebral Malaria with severe anemia.  After 2 days of IV malaria treatment and blood transfusions she showed no improvement.  The entire time her Grandmother remained at her side stroking her forehead trying to comfort her.  Cerebral Malaria kills 25% of its victims and those who recover usually are slow to show improvement.  Terry and I were pleased to see Lawretta was resting comfortably Monday morning when we started rounds.  We were further delighted to hear that Lawretta had woken up earlier in the morning and asked for food.  Over the last 3 days Lawretta has made a miraculous recovery.  Her Grandmother was all smiles today as Lawretta was discharged home.

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