Monday, October 8, 2012

Whittier Rerun

Dr. Laura and Germar rounding
Dr. Paula on ward
Last year Dr Laura Dooley from Whittier, California spent a month here in Njinikom.  Laura supervises the Tropical Medicine component of the Family Practice Residency Program at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital.  The experience was good for the 2 residents who accompanied her so Dr Laura is back, this time with Dr Paula.  They are managing all the inpatients on the medical wards.  This has freed Terry and I up to spend more time in the OPD.  It is always nice to have American colleague available to discuss the more difficult cases that we manage.

Dr Laura’s husband Mike has been busy helping with the never ending maintenance problems.  I am am especially happy that Mike was able to devise and install a snake guard for the front door of our house.

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