Wednesday, March 13, 2013


19 month old Praises was brought to the hospital by her mother 10 days ago.  She had been ill for the prior one week with fever and diarrhea.  She spent several days in a small Health Center and they reported that she had vomited up a tapeworm but despite their treatments she showed no improvement.  She was very ill and lethargic on arrival.  All of her tests failed to reveal what was wrong with her.  She passed blood in her stool for several days last week  and she remained as limp as a doll.  Over the last couple of days Praises has become more responsive and even called for her mother for the first time this morning.  Our limited diagnostics can be frustrating with cases like this.  We keep her in our daily prayers and are hopeful that we will see see more shine in her eyes each day.

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