Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Typhoid Joel

3 weeks ago 8 year old Joel arrived at the hospital critically ill.  He had a fever of 105 with jaundice and abdominal distention.  Tests revealed he had Typhoid and also was a Sickle Cell carrier with severe anemia.  After 3 days of treatment with IV fluids, blood transfusions and antibiotics Joel showed no improvement and I was worried whether he was going to survive.  The next morning his fever finally started to go down and a little glimpse of a smile could occasionally could be seen on his face.  Over the following 10 days Joel gradually became a happy smiling 8 year old boy with a ear to ear grin.

He was discharged over a week ago but has remained on the Pediatrics Ward while his mother went home to get money to cover his hospital bill.  The other mothers on the ward have collectively provided for Joel in his mother’s absence.

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