Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orientation is over...

After 8 days of orientation with Dr Pius I started rounding independently on patients in the hospital. I have been assigned the Women's Ward. There are presently about 25 women on my service. Each ward has 12-15 beds, depends on how beds are placed down the central aisle! There are some very sick people including one with Cerebral Toxoplasmosis/HIV, one with Cryptococcal Meiningitis/HIV and two with bacterial meningitis. While Tropical Medicine problems abound there are people with the usual things one might see back at home like kidney infections, heart failure and ulcer disease.

I looked at my "OPD Book" today and tallied that 29 of my first 60 patients had HIV. Only 1 was a new diagnosis and the vast majority were here for their medication refills and doing well. One man I saw today has been on his ARVs(Anti-RetroVirals) since 2004 as is leading a normal healthy life. It is gratifying to see this group of patients doing well and enjoying life.

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