Friday, July 30, 2010


I was in the clinic this morning as the thunder was coming at me horizontally.  Njinikom is at 5000 foot elevation and sits on top of a mountain ridge or spine.  God has placed us in a beautiful location with the surrounding ridges and valleys being deep 
green in color.  
I saw a man with HIV today who came to refill his anti-retrovirals.  He started his 6 hour walk to the clinic in the middle of the night so he could make it back home before sunset.  He was happy and without complaints.  

I had to wonder..... what if St Martin De Porres Hospital was not here.  While I have had 3 new HIV cases this week it amazes me to see the number of HIV patients on medications doing well. 

Terry will be teaching at St Maria Goretti's Comprehensive High School run by the Franciscan Sisters.  She will be teaching Math to forms 1,2 and 3.  She has begun going over the material as school will be starting in a month.  It should be interesting as she has been informed there are 45-60 students in a class.  Reminds me of my old Catholic Grade School days!


  1. I've been sharing your blog site with other employees in WIC. We're wondering.... how do the patients afford the HIV meds long term? What is the average income of the population where you are? We love reading your posts.
    ~Karen Wilson

  2. Thank you for all your blogs Jim and Terry. It is great to hear about your experiences and it helps to prepare Milan and me. About a month or so ago, I learned that the President of the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown is a native of Cameroon - Dr. Jem Specter. We met with him and shared our future plans to be in Cameroon during the summer of 2011. We were instructed to meet with him again as we return. He was a very nice gentleman with a strong presence and thoughtful reflections on his memories of his life in Cameroon.
    May God embrace you both and continue to shine through you...