Monday, August 2, 2010

Work continues...

Monday is a busy day at the Out Patient Department  My first case was an 8 year boy who had surgery for an infected femur (osteomyelitis) 18 months ago.  He did not return for follow up but mother decided he should be checked now since his leg wounds have not healed in the 18 months.  Unfortunately he has a chronic Staph infection and the leg is 3/4 the size of his good one and has no movement of the hip or knee.  Dr. Bill Walsh (a veteran surgeon mission doctor) will get to consult on this case when he starts this week.
I also made my debut in the theater today.  Nothing exotic, removal of an ingrown toenail.  Not everything is Tropical Medicine here. 


  1. Jim-Good thing Cameron gave you all that practice with his toes several years ago.Nancy

  2. Your blog made me sigh, and made me smile.
    How will you treat the boy for now? Do you have vancomycin there?

    Ingrown toenail... any bivucaine?