Thursday, August 19, 2010

Without Complaint

There are 2 women on the Ward who have been there since my arrival.  Being in the hospital anywhere for a month is not a good sign.  One of the ladies in her 50's is being treated for HIV and TB.  She has been extremely weak and yesterday her Hemoglobin had dropped to 2.5, the lowest number I have ever seen.  It is a side effect of one of her HIV meds so hopefully with several blood transfusions and a medication change she will be better.  The family has to arrange for donors so it may take some time as she doesn't have many family members.

Today I saw a new patient who fractured his lower leg in a traffic accident 4 years ago.  He  had a plate inserted but "the wound has healed slowly".  I did not need a x-ray to see the plate, it was visible thru the multiple open draining areas over the plate.  I am sure the bone is infected(osteomyelitis).  He was very happy that he has continued to walk well, "it surprises many people" he boasted.  He chose to go home and work for another 2 weeks before coming into the hospital for surgery.  

It amazes me daily what people here endure and usually without complaint.

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