Friday, August 13, 2010


Our Blog posts are done on our computer at home then we go to the Cyber-Café at the hospital.  We then get online with our laptop via a wireless router connection.  

Since the power goes off multiple times a day it limits the available transmission time.  The Café is open 8AM-8PM Mon-Sat.  Unfortunately Sunday, when we have the most time they are closed.  I have been checking the Blog for your comments, and we really appreciate them.  I am not able to answer the questions directly yet - so will try and respond with future posts for now.  

Answers to prior comments; 
      * We have no Vancomycin but MRSA does not appear to be a problem yet. 
      * Average daily income is $1 a day.
      * Fortunately, HIV meds are paid for by the government and so are the meds to cover HIV related illnesses.

Today I admitted a 14 year old boy who looked half his age and weighed only 44 pounds.  Initial impression is malnutrition but his labs are still pending.  I am hoping his HIV test is negative.

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