Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Day in the Out Patient Department

Victorine and her caregiver niece
 Victorine is the lady with HIV and TB who had a hemoglobin of 2.5.  After 4 units of blood she was sitting up in bed today and told me she was "as strong as a lion".  We are all more optimistic with her prognosis today.
A Day in the Out Patient Department
I saw another lady today from the capital Yaoundé who chooses to spend 6 hours traveling one way here for her HIV meds.  She tried getting care there but frequently spent all day at a clinic there without seeing a doctor.  I was happy to see her but it is a shame care is not easily available at the government facilities in the 2 largest cities.


  1. What a wonderful surprise to find you two are in Cameroon on a mission!! We just returned from a mission in Japan and South Korea! I am so excited as our youngest daughter Autumn spent 27 months in Cameroon (western province) in the US Peace Corps and she is returning to the eastern province in two weeks on her way to London (MA program at LSE) to use donated funds to help some of the orphanages there! She has made many contacts who are willing to help her get the needed supplies to these HIV orphans...see our blog at
    I was hoping that you will be near enough for her to drop by to say hi and maybe help her get some meds for the children. It is so wonderful what you are doing!!! May the Lord continue to bless you in your efforts to help His children!!
    Kindest regards,
    Doyle and Jeanne Brown

    Yes, Doyle has retired (?) and we are back in our beloved Moses Lake after 5 years away!

  2. Hi! I am Jeanne and Doyle Brown's daughter, Autumn. My parents told me that you were living and working in Njinikom! I know Njinikom and lived not far from Nkongsamba for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. As my mom said, I am going back continuing a few projects. I am so happy to see other Moses Lakers living/working/loving Cameroon!

    Please email me--I would love to meet with you if at all possible during my trip or see how we can work together!