Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It was a very busy Monday as usual in the Out Patient Department.  After assisting on 4 C-sections last week I did my first C-section in 30 years today.  Everything went well and my ability to do C-sections should help when the Surgeons are tied up or gone.  

Assisting Bill in Surgery
It has been nice working with Bill Walsh this last week.  I also reduced a broken displaced wrist on Friday.  The power was out so we were unable to obtain an x-ray.  Taking someone to the OR without an x-ray in the US would not happen.  

I also helped Bill debride a burn today.  A 70 year lady had a seizure at home and fell into her cooking fire suffering a 25% body 3rd degree burn.  She has significant infection already and she will be in our prayers the next few days.

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