Thursday, July 22, 2010


After working a couple of days at the hospital a couple things have been obvious to me. There appears to be more HIV patients here than in 2004 but I think that is because of the good job they are doing with it here. The stigma of diagnosis has dramatically lessened and therefore more people are being tested including all pregnant women. Project HOPE has increased in size and scope with education and dealing with all the issues around HIV. There have large numbers of patients seen daily for their routine follow-ups and most are looking and doing well. Unfortunately Malaria still has a large presence and Project Hope is now including Malaria prevention in their work.

We were welcomed at our first Sunday Mass, a seemingly short 2 1/2 hour celebration, with 5 priests concelebrating. They were there for a local Njinikom girl who had received her final vows in Rome. We are off to meet the Bishop in Bamenda tomorrow.

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  1. Jim and Terry, I am excited for you both, and for the blessings God has in store for you and all whom you work with. I look forward to checking up on you every once in a while - and who knows about a visit? Best wishes, Sonja Belz