Friday, January 7, 2011

12 New Patients on HIV Medications

Today was unusual as I started 12 patients on HIV medications.  That is depressing in the sense that there continue to be so many new cases of HIV.  On the other had it is exciting to be involved in their care as I know the vast majority of them will get better.

This afternoon I saw Peter who was finishing his fourth month of TB treatment and also has HIV.  He was very happy with his progress.  Not only had his cough cleared but he gained 25 pounds in the last month. 

Evelyn, happy with progress
A few minutes later I saw Evelyn who also for follow-up on her HIV and TB.  She too was excited about her progress and was happy that the very swollen lymph nodes in her neck where melting away.  These encounters remind me that we are making a difference at St. Martin de Porres Hospital.

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