Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Things

Victorine was back for a routine check today.  She was the lady with HIV-TB who 5 months ago had a Hemoglobin of 2.5 and weighed 30 kilos(66 pounds).  She continues to do well and today weighed 56 kilos.  A weight gain of 56 pounds.  I threatened to give her back her TB if she continues gaining at this rate.
There are 3 visiting Orthopedic Surgeons from Italy this week so the Hospital and OPD have been very busy.  These surgeons have been operating on poorly healed fractures giving people another chance to regain function and their lives.  God continues to send good things to St Martin de Porres Hospital.

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  1. Hi, Terry and Jim! We have been amazed reading your postings! We missed seeing Kevin and Julie by a couple of days at Christmas in Pasadena. Dean told us about your mission and how to reach you. We have both recently retired from the Chandler Unified School District in Arizona and are hoping we will be able to sell our house and move back to Moses Lake. We have both missed "home". Continue to do your wonderful work there. Take care and God bless! Love, Bev. and Ray