Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Weekend

Terry and I spent the weekend in Shisong which is a 4 hour drive from here. The same Franciscan Sisters run St. Elizabeth Hospital there. We stayed with Bill and Kate Walsh. Bill is the Surgeon who spent last August with us in Njinikom. Bill is working for 2 months while their surgeon is on vacation. We had a wonderful time and it was good to have a break after working everyday the last 5 months.

Dr. Ellen
The best part of the weekend was touring the Cardiac Center. It is an absolutely incredible state of the art Cardiac Center has been built there and they are doing cardiac surgery. They have 2 full time Cardiologists who do Heart Catheterizations and Stents. They are looking for a full time Cardiac Surgeon but in the interim Teams of Cardiac Surgeons have been coming every 1-2 months from Europe. 106 Cardiac surgeries were done last year! It is one of the few centers in all of Sub-Saharan Africa offering these services. The idea of this center originated with an Italian priest 9 years ago and with God's Goodness it has become a reality.

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  1. Hi, Jim and Terry, Thank you so much for your posts. Cyndie and I have just recently found them and have been checking them daily. We truly respect what you are doing, and you are in our prayers -- Glen & Cyndie Uhlenkott