Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Mom and Relindis
Relindis is a 20 year old university student who was admitted 2 weeks ago.  She had started on HIV medications 6 weeks earlier and developed increasing headache and double vision over the preceding week.  She had increased pressure in her head causing her symptoms.  Her condition may be from her immune system waking up and responding to infection or worse could be from a brain tumor or malignancy.  At home she would have had an immediate head CT or MRI.  Here we were able to treat for possible meningitis and give her steroids for the swelling.
Over the 2 weeks Relindis gradually improved.  As her headache cleared and her vision cleared she was able to communicate better.  She is a very delightful and articulate young lady.  Her mother was equally delightful.  It was a joy to see them both smiling as she was discharged today.

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