Friday, August 12, 2011

Sister Renata

Sister Renata and Bishop George
Sr. Renata is a nurse who has worked on the medical wards since I arrived last year.  With her ever present smile and sense of humor Terry and I have grown very fond of her.  I was most fortunate to attend her Profession of Final Vows in the Kumbo Cathedral yesterday.  Over 200 Sisters from all over Cameroon attended, it was a full house.  I was seated with the Choir which put me in a great position to take pictures and also enjoy the wonderful music.  It was a 4.5 hour celebration which flew by.  I was able to meet Bishop George who has been a friend of Mission Doctors and Lay Mission Helpers for many years.

It was wonderful to experience the joy exhibited by all the Sisters as 7 new women joined their ranks.  They have a beautiful sense of community and they made my stay in Kumbo/Shisong memorable.
Sister being welcomed to the Family

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  1. As I was working on a pile of papers on my desk, you letter emerged. I was talking recently to someone who had been enjoying your blogs. We think of you often and pray that you are well and enjoying your work. Moses Lake Medical Team is leaving 11/4 for two weeks in Nigeria. Our plans are still in formation which makes us nervous but know God has a plan. The second week our team will be joined by a group of Maxillofacial Surgeons, leaders in the world, including the Dr. who did the first full face transplant at Cleveland Clinic. Last year that team did 27 clef lips and palates in 1.5 days! There are about 40 of us on the team this year, from across the USA and Canada. We will be working mostly in Ibadan this year.
    Jim is CMO of the hospital and terribly busy. Many changes, hopefully positive. He's so respected which helps. I know God had a plan for him in the position. What you've posted are all things we too see on these missions and in our other mission experiences. So glad you are able to serve in this manner. Jim and Francie Irwin