Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A Smiling Ranson
The medical wards contain people with varying degrees of illness.  Last week 37 year old Samuel and 4 year old Ranson were 2 of the sickest and their prognosis was not good.  Ranson was admitted with severe malnutrition as he would eat only carbohydrates.  He was extremely edematous and spent most of the day whining as I am sure he did not feel well. After 10 days of eating foods with more protein his edema began to diminish.  Yesterday morning we found an entirely new Ranson.  A smiling Ranson who was no longer whining.  It appears that Ranson’s mother let him choose his diet.  With his mother now understanding the need for more proteins in his diet, he will hopefully continue to improve.

A Smiling Samuel
Samuel also came in 2 weeks ago extremely confused.  Test revealed he had HIV and Toxoplasmosis Encephalitis.  Despite initiating treatment for his Toxoplasmosis Samuel showed little improvement last week.  This week also revealed a new Samuel, a smiling and now oriented pleasant man.  His Toxoplasmosis treatment will continue another month and I plan on starting his HIV medications in 2 weeks.

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