Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Young and Old

Shelma has spent nearly 2 months in the hospital with fever, cough and Failure to Thrive.  At 6 months of age she was under 9 pounds and very frail.  Mom is HIV positive.  We treated her for pneumonia but her fever did not clear until we treated her for TB.  2 weeks later HIV medications were added.  Despite feeding her every 2 hours she has gained only 1 pound.  She was finally able to go home today.  Hopefully she will continue to gain weight as her immune system recovers.

This afternoon I had the pleasure to meet Theckla, a spry 110 year old lady.  It took quite some effort for her 81 year old son to convince her to come to the hospital with cough of 1 weeks duration.  Her exam was quite good so she will hopefully improve and be able to go home in a few days.

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