Friday, November 25, 2011


 Thanksgiving in Njinikom
It was a normal workday here in Cameroon today but it was a wonderful Thanksgiving never the less.  I found myself reflecting on what I was thankful for.  Certainly the usual things came to my mind first.  Good health and a wonderful family.  What kept returning to my mind was that I was thankful for being here in Njinikom, Cameroon.  I am thankful that God put all the pieces in my life together in such a way that Terry and I ended up here, doing his work.  We are surrounded here at St Martin de Porres Hospital by wonderful people.  We enjoy the work.  Helping people in need is not difficult, and as many have said before about being involved with MDA, “you receive more than you  give”.
Let me thank all our supporters for helping us on our path.

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