Friday, March 16, 2012

Dr. Rick

Dr Rick Hourigan is a Family Doctor from Moses Lake, Washington.  Rick and I were partners in the same Family Medicine Clinic and our offices were adjacent to each other for 10 years.  We have enjoyed practicing together.  After our short term mission to Zimbabwe in 2007, Rick suggested I do a long term mission so he would then be able to come and do his own short term mission where he would already know someone.  When Terry and I decided to come to Cameroon long-term, I informed Rick he was now obligated to come and we are again working together, now on the other side of the the world from our old hallway.

Rick planned his trip to be here while Dr Eugene was on Holiday, helping me with the increased work-load.  Timing is everything and it was fortuitous to have Rick here as last week I had my first major illness since being here in Cameroon.  With little preparation from me, Rick was able to step in and do a great job managing the Medical Wards.  The degree of illness of the patients the last 2 weeks has been unusually high allowing Rick to see many things he had never planned on seeing during his medical career.  It has been very enjoyable to have a friend and colleague to work with.  We have 2 more weeks before home beacons Rick.

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