Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last week 34 year old Fellicitas was admitted to the hospital.  She had not been seen since last July but had continued to send a family member monthly to pick up her HIV medications.  It turned out she had gained nearly 100 pounds the last year from fluid retention in her abdomen and legs.  She literally was unable to walk.  Testing revealed she has Cirrhosis of the liver from  Hepatitis B and her HIV medications were ineffective with a low CD4 count.
Last week I drained 10 liters of fluid from her abdomen and with diuretics we were able to further reduce her swelling so she is finally able to walk again.  She was able to go home today weighing 53 pounds less than she was 8 days ago.  It was wonderful to see the smile on her face each day as her weight dropped.  With new HIV medications I am cautiously optimistic that Fellicitas will continue to improve and regain a functional life.  Keep her in your prayers.

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