Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Too many years ago in Medical school we learned that (in the pre-fertility treatment years) that twins occurred in one out of 88 births in the USA.  We are still in the pre-fertility treatment era in Cameroon yet based on my personal experience here the twin rate must be one out of 10 deliveries.  It is not unusual to have multiple sets of twins on the maternity ward on any given day.  Today 2 of the 7 children on the PED’S Ward are twins.

It begs the question why and I can only assume that it is genetics at work.  With a high infant and child mortality rate the chance of a single twin surviving has increased the likely hood of more twins in each succeeding generation.  Whatever the reason, it makes for a lot of smiling faces around the hospital.

Terry admiring Twins
Twins, why do you ask?

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