Wednesday, September 12, 2012


16 year old Elvis was brought to the hospital 2 weeks ago by his family critically ill.  He developed high fever 3 days earlier and he rapidly deteriorated.  He was taken to a local health clinic when he became disoriented and agitated.  He was treated for Malaria but showed no improvement overnight so his family transferred him to us.  Elvis arrived in an agitated state, crying, grasping his head and writhing in pain with a stiff neck.  A spinal tap confirmed that he had bacterial meningitis.  Antibiotics were started and he required a good deal of medication to keep him sedated.

Each morning Elvis’ mother was at his bedside stating that he was better.  Indeed Elvis showed slow but steady improvement.  He became less restless, then began to talk and finally walk.  After finishing 10 days of IV antibiotics we observed him another 2 days before discharging home to his mother’s care.  The entire medical staff shared in the joy of watching his good recovery and his discharge home.

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