Wednesday, September 5, 2012


20 year Yannick arrived at the hospital 10 days ago seriously ill.  Over the prior 2 days he had developed high fever and become delirious.  He was taken to a local Health Center and was treated for Malaria and Typhoid.  After showing no improvement overnight he was transferred to our hospital.  Yannick was unable to speak and could not raise up from his bed.  Laboratory studies showed he had Hepatitis B in addition to Cerebral Malaria and Typhoid.  Equally concerning was that his WBC count was 110,000.  We had grave concerns he may have Leukemia. 2 days into his admission his blood pressure dropped with his abdomen becoming rigid, indicating a possible bowel perforation from his Typhoid.  Dr Crystal Cunningham consulted on Yannick but he was too unstable to tolerate surgery.  Yannick’s antibiotics were changed and over the next 2 days his abdominal tenderness resolved.  Through all this Yannick’s mother remained at his bedside with an optimistic outlook.

Yannick’s mental status began to improve and over the next 5 days he rapidly regained much of his mobility and strength.  Yannick’s WBC also gradually dropped to a normal range erasing the concerns about Leukemia.  Today was a wonderful day as his smiling mother was able to take Yannick home.  She will continue to provide the loving care that got Yannick through this serious illness.

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