Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Early Decision

Mass at the Church, Sunday
Sunday morning begins with an early decision.  6 AM mass or 8 AM.  The thought of sleeping in is nice but after getting up at 5:30 every morning our internal alarm clocks are hard to turn off.  6 AM mass is said in the native Kom language but they have the best choir.  8 AM mass is in English but frequently without a choir and might start an hour late.  We chose 6 AM today and I brought a book on Henry Nouwen to read during the sermon which I would not be able to understand.  It was the right choice.  Let me share a passage that spoke to me today. 
.....communion generates community because "the God living in us makes us recognize the God in our fell humans," and that community itself "always leads to mission."  Mission, ministry, and service all serve as "the overflow of our love for God and for our fellow human beings."
I have had a warm glow inside me today as I have reflected on the passage.

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