Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joe and Junior

Dr. Joe Llewellyn, a general surgeon from Alaska arrived here Sunday.  He helped evaluate a 1 year old child admitted over the weekend with pneumonia.  She developed a pneumothorax and Joe showed me how to place a chest tube.  To our surprise she also had a significant empyema (pus between the lung and chest wall).  This tough little girl hardly fussed with the tube insertion and is looking much more comfortable this evening.

I am not trying to dwell on all the terrible cases but feel the stories of these people people should be shared.  

This morning I saw a nearly 4 year old named Junior.  He looked half his age and was wearing a school uniform and backpack.  He politely walked up and shook my hand.  He was accompanied by his grandfather who he came to live with a month ago.  Grandpa was worried about Junior's small size plus a persistent cough and rash.  Junior's mother is a prostitute and could not care for him any longer.  He sadly tested HIV positive.  The plus is that he is now in a safe environment and will be able to get the medical and social care he deserves.  

There have not been many 3 year old children that impressed me as much as Junior did today.

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