Friday, September 3, 2010

From Ashes to Riches

Theresa with Flavia in 2004
When we were here in 2004 my favorite patient was Flavia, a sweet little 5 year old with HIV who suffered from chronic lung infections.  Despite difficulty breathing she always mustered a big smile and a "Good morning Doctor".  We got to know her mother Theresa as Flavia was in the hospital most of that month.  

Unfortunately, Flavia died shortly after we left.  

Theresa 2010
At dinner last evening I asked Sister Xaveria about Theresa.  To my surprise she stopped by to see me today.  She is working at the hospital as an HIV counselor.  Her other 6 children are all doing well including 2 who are attending university.  

Despite the devastation HIV has brought to Africa, with medications and organizations like Project Hope, families are rising from the ashes and thriving.

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