Friday, October 8, 2010

Dancing Jim

It is tradition here at St. Martin de Porres Hospital to have a farewell gathering as the time for a short-term doctor to leave is near.  The sisters and many of the hospital staff are guests at the party.  Just such a celebration took place a few weeks ago, when it was time to say good-bye to three of our dear friends, Elise Frederick from Mission Doctors Association, as well as two surgeons, Dr. Bill Walsh and Dr. Magued Khouzam.  Typically, the entertainment includes traditional music and native dancers.  As the native dancers entered the hall, their group had grown by one not-so-native dancer. 

It seems that Dr. Jim had been called up to the ward a bit earlier for an emergency.  Timing is everything. He could not resist the opportunity to 'join in the dance', much to the delight of everyone.  It is difficult to know who enjoyed it more Jim or all the rest of us.

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