Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mattyl and Janette

While doing rounds today I was informed that Mattyl had died this AM.  She was the 7 week old with HIV and multiple Staph abscesses.  Yesterday, at her dressing change she had lost 20% of her skin already.  It was amazing she had survived this long.  

As one door is closed, God opens another.  

A few minutes after receiving the news of Mattyl's death I ran into Janette.  She was the 7 year old who I sent home 2 months ago after recovering from meningitis.  Her older sister Doris was admitted at the same time with meningitis and had not survived.  Janette was only able to sit with support when she left.  Her parents with big smiles reported she has fully recovered and has no limitations.  

Janette is a reminder that our efforts at the hospital are usually productive.  Mattyl makes us thankful for the blessings of good health God has bestowed on our family at home.

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