Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Days, School Days.

Eager Learners
 School has been in full swing for nearly two months. The students have settled into the routine of boarding school and classes.  As the enrollment has stabilized, class rosters are being finalized.  I am anticipating receiving class rosters for each of the forms by the first of next week.  

Quiz Time
In many ways school is the same here as it is in America.  Some students are eager to learn, others resist.  However, classrooms look very different.  Class size is best described as open-ended.  My Form 3 class is the smallest  with 37 students.  Most of these students fall in the Junior High age group.  So when was the last time I thought a class of 37 students would feel small---Hmmm, never!!  Perhaps it seems small as my Form 1 class has 60 students.  Now that is a classroom full and more.  I am grateful that the principal was not able to find anymore "late enrollees" for Form 1.  

I shall keep you updated on my survival with that many students.  

All prayers are welcome!!!
Two per desk

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