Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tumbu Fly

Reaction on the back of Terry's hand
Terry and I had noticed we both were getting significant reactions from bug bites this week.  

We consulted Sr. Xaveria outside the Chapel yesterday morning about the bites and she quickly expressed a fly larva out of Terry's hand.  The Tumbu fly lays its eggs on the laundry when it outside drying.  Everything is then ironed to kill the eggs.  If that does not happen your body heat hatches the eggs when you wear the clothes and the hatched egg burrows into your skin.  The larva then feeds on you until is ready to emerge as a brand new Tumbu Fly.  

Tug of War
Sister came back to the house and with the aid of a safety pin extracted 8 more worms from Terry.  

Yesterday afternoon Joe got to operate on me and add Tumbu Fly extraction to his surgical repertoire!  We suspect the power went out while Prisca was doing the ironing and the iron was not hot enough to kill the eggs.  

Rice, Larva and Matchstick
If this is the worst malady we experience here we will have a healthy mission experience.

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